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About Racines

Welcome to Racines. We are an independent Art and Office supply store, tucked away on the Mendocino Coast, in Northern California. We enjoy the splendor of a dramatic shoreline and are surrounded by the ancient Redwood Forest. I lovingly refer to this place as "the edge of the planet, on the way to nowhere". Because of the uniqueness of our area, our store also reflects its own uniqueness. We're the stationery store of thirty years ago, but with a pinch of the modern world. We are surrounded by the Creator's natural palette. Many artists have found their home here also. We work hard to provide them with the tools they need to create their art.

Our mission statement is simple. "Every single being that enters Racines, whether by phone, the web, or walk in, leaves better off than when they came". We try to carry this philosophy further in our attitude to our planet. We are thoughtful about the type of products we sell, the integrity of the manufacturers who make those products, and the practice of our store. We look for paper products made with very high post consumer waste percentages. We purchase as many products as possible without the plastic self packs, reducing the amount of waste that is put into landfills. And of course we reuse and recycle our waste products.

Racines was first opened in 1904 by Paul Racine. He sold tobacco and out of town newspapers to homesick loggers. The store quickly expanded to selling paper and pencils so folks could write home to loved ones. Over one hundred years later we still sell paper and pencils, but have added a few more items. In the 1950s Paul Racine passed the store onto his son Everett Racine. He sold the store to Lou Scoggins who in turn sold it to my father in 1976. My dad, although "retired", still comes to work every day.

Many family owned and operated businesses have been replaced by impersonal box stores, with sales staff who don't have the experience, or aren't trained to answer your questions. We've been selling office and art supplies for 30 years. We know the names and faces of most of our customers. Now with the advent of the web, we have also made friends with folks who live across the country. We invite you to come into our store, whether it be in person or online and enjoy. If we may be of service to you, let us know.

Thanks for spending your time at our site.