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Paint Brushes

paint brushesA good paint brush is like any good tool.  It makes getting the job done easier.  A good paint brush helps lay the paint down without having to beg it off or losing the stroke.  Paint brushes are manufactured to meet the characteristics required for the type of paint being used.  We carry two lines of specialized paint brushes, which are Da Vinici paint brushes and Kolinsky paint brushes.

Oil and acrylic paint brushes need to hold the paint, but when laid down on the painting surface, it needs to let it go easily.  These brushes need to hold their shape, not lose hairs, and clean up easily.  With proper care a good paint brush can last for years.

Water color paint brushes need to hold a lot of water in the body of the brush while maintaining a sharp edge.  Good watercolor paint brushes “snap” back to shape after the completion of a stroke.

Popular for their water-holding capacity, the Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin paint brushes contain a blend of five different diameters of extra smooth synthetic hair. These hairs are sorted, and then given to a master brush maker who hand shapes the Cosmotop Spin. The thicker hair is placed on the outside and the thinner hair in the middle to ensure high color absorption while maintaining a fine point, stable shape, and excellent snap. The handles of these brushes are shaped for maximum painting control. The ferrule is rust resistant because it is seamless brass coated with nickel plate. My customers have fallen in love with these.

Expertly shaped, and defined as the highest grade of red sable hair from Siberia, Kolinsky Red Sable paint brushes are unmatched for snap, resiliency, color and water carrying capacity and their ability to hold a sharp edge or point.

Da Vinci watercolor travel brushes are perfect for the artist on the go. Each travel brush comes with an indestructible outer casing that fits into watercolor travel sets. Casings have ventilation hole so that brushes dry properly.

Top Acryl brushes are constructed with five different diameters of extra strong and extra smooth synthetic bristle. They are extra stiff with a precise snap which makes them excellent for heavy body acrylics or oils.

Da Vinci Red Sable Oil brushes have both great resilience and softness. Mainly used for spreading color thinly and evenly. Red Sable hair has excellent color-carrying capacity and is great for detail work or delicate blending.

Black Sable Oil Brushes are slightly stiffer and more rugged than Red Sable brushes. Its stiffness allows for bristle like strokes, only smoother without marking the paint layers. Perfect for delicate blending and smoothing out ridges, it is a favorite among portrait and realist painters.

Keeping your paint brush clean adds years to its life.  There are several good brush cleaners on the market which not only clean but condition the hairs.  I recommend the following technique: Immedialty after painting wipe excess paint off brush, then use the appropriate solvent (warm water for acrylic and water colors, turpentine for oil brushes) rinsing thoroughly.  Then wash well with vegetable base household soap or brush cleaner, making sure all soap is completely gone before storage.  If you are storing the brushes for a lengthy period be sure to put camphor in the box so the moths won’t gobble up your brushes.

Always store your paint brushes horizontally or with the hairs up.