Artists Tips

There are so many products available today for the artist to use. If you are a beginning artist or trying a new medium, it can be very confusing. Nothing will replace exploring and experimenting with new products and ideas. The best advice I was ever given was to "try a little test sample first." I hope the following pages help make that exploration a little easier, and, for some, less scary. The sources used are my own experience and customer feedback.

At Racines Art and Office Supply, we carry a wide variety of specialty art supplies including watercolor brushes, oil and acrylic paint brushes, decorative papers, Mizuhiki as well as office supplies.

Our specialty paint brush line consists of Kolinsky and da Vinci paint brushes. We offer watercolor brushes, oil and acrylic brushes and hobby & childrens brushes. Our, decorative papers range from Banana to Unryu and everything in between. We also offer a full range of colors of Mizuhiki cord, embellishments and instruction books.

Please view these artists tips for insights into our specialty art and office supplies and tips onhow to use them.